Like so many brides and grooms before you, this is likely your first time planning an event of this scale. You’re probably asking advice from friends and relatives, and learning as you go (and adjusting accordingly). So how can you make the process of hiring a band a little easier? Get the straight goods from seasoned professionals!

Assuming you’ve already established that the band is available on your date, you like their song list, the pricing is within your budget, and the when and where are established, it’s time to take it one step further…

Here are the top 5 questions that I get asked on a regular basis:

1) Do you take special requests?

This may or may not be important to you, but for most couples it’s an essential part of their night hearing THEIR song played live. Whether it’s their first dance song or a special favourite of the couple, this is the type of service that differentiates a professional level band. Either way, establish if the band can do this so you’re not disappointed AFTER you sign the contract.

2) What do you wear on stage?

Most if not all weddings have dress codes, so you want to make sure at the very least that the band can match your dress code requirements. Some bands have a standard outfit and some do not. Some will even change to match your colour scheme if you provide them with those details.

3) Do you ever substitute band members?

What does everyone want on their wedding day? Nothing to go wrong. What better way to eliminate risk than to make sure the band you checked out online or went to see live is going to be the band you get on your special day. Don’t compromise on quality by accepting subs.

4) What are your terms and policies?

Most of what you’ll need to know about this will be part of the fine print of your band’s standard contract, but I would recommend going over it in advance. What does the band need to perform? What happens if you need to cancel your wedding? When do you need to pay the deposit? How much of a deposit is required? What happens if an act of god such as a provincewide power failure prevents the wedding from happening?

5) Do you provide any additional services?

Wouldn’t it be great if the band you hire for your reception could also sing a few songs at your wedding reception, play music throughout your cocktail hour, and MC during dinner? Or would you rather search for another group to provide those services so you have to find yet ANOTHER vendor….I didn’t think so. Add-ons also tend to be more affordable than bringing in another party.

There are certainly other questions that come up, but these tend to be the most popular and provide the most value to a couple in making their decision. Unless of course you’re an event planner, I hope this article gave you a little more insight into booking a wedding band.

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